Fortnite Season 2 Overtime Challenges Part Two Are Live

With just two weeks of Fortnite’s excellent Chapter 2, Season 2 remaining, we have our next batch of Overtime Challenges to complete live this afternoon.

The next batch of Location Domination challenges is much like the first. You’ll want to finish each one several times, every round.

There are search chests elimination challenges and ammo vessel challenges, and fishing challenges.

There’s a continuation of the secret war between the Garden Gnomes and the Teddy Bears.

Here’s the complete list:

  • Remove players or Henchmen at The Rig (3) (5) (10)
  • Search ammo boxes in Sweaty Sands (7) (10) (18)
  • Eliminate players or Henchmen in The Shark (3) (5) (10)
  • Search Chests at Craggy Cliffs (7) (10) (18)
  • Place top 10 after landing Frenzy Farm (1) (3) (7)
  • Collect timber in Weeping Woods (500) (1,500) (3000)
  • Destroy Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges (1) (3) (7)
  • Apply Shield or Healing at Shanty Town or The Orchard (100) (250) (500)
  • Damage players in Salty Springs (300) (900) (2,500)
  • Grab weapons at Misty Meadows (1) (3) (7)
  • The majority of them are. For the ones, just click the links above to read our guide.

If you are unsure about where the Town or The Orchard might be, You can get The Orchard only north.

Shanty Town is west of Slurpy Swamp near the coast, north of The Rig. Heal or employ shields at either location.

The Secret War

  • I will link to all the primary challenges we’ve seen as part of that below if you are curious about the vital Gnome vs. Bear war:
  • The personal difficulties began here: Players needed to locate the key Teddy Bear bunker and the Bears’ Ted Offensive Plans.
  • Following this, players had to set out to locate the Teddy Bears’ honey pots and to help the Gnomes with their telescopes.
  • Sometime after, the Teddy Bear HQ was overwhelmed by barbarous Gnomes, and we were tasked with rescuing the Bears.
  • After this, the Gnome and Teddy Bear armies gathered on a hilltop to fight, and we needed to disarm both troops.
  • Then, at the Overtime Challenges published two weeks before, we finally obtained a Gnome challenge, which was not entirely secret. We had to go ruin Gnomes at Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet.
  • And lastly, this week, we ruin Teddy Bears in Holly Hedges to out things.

Best of luck out there! I’m excited To see what happens with The Agency and the cryptic Doomsday Device.

Things are directed toward something large.

P.S. There’s another key challenge in the sport right now. Completing it will make Agent Peely Banana Badge to you.

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