Fortnite Players Have Created Their Own Makeshift Drones While Waiting For Season 3

Some Fortnite: Battle Royale gamers have found an exciting way to pass the time this past week when awaiting Season 3. After a bit of experimentation, they have created their autonomous drones that explode when they get near another player.

Placing them both on a wall with the mine above the C4 combines two in-game explosives, explosives, and the mine.

Players can edit the wall to remove its top half using the building tools of Fortnite once both items are alongside each other on the wall. The mine then falls upon the C4 and starts to float forward.

Fortnite’s primary battle royale mode has come to a halt because Epic Games delayed the beginning of Season 3 twice, most recently on account of the ongoing Black Lives Issue protests crossing the nation and world.

Players have discovered ways to pass the time in various ways, with some designing a Team Fortress 2-esque payload style in creative, recreating Super Mario 64, or seeking to grief others using those makeshift drones.

Players have experimented with Epic’s items In ways that are unconventional. Among the most notorious is rocket riding, where players jumped on top of remote-controlled rockets to fly across the map, sometimes firing a second rocket while in the air to extend their joyride.

As the rockets were removed in an update, rocket riding finally became impossible.

Drones Will Most Likely have a Life span with Season 3 scheduled to begin this month on June 17, with all the map-changing Doomsday Happening on June 15. Players believe that the procedure will either be Out or one of those items will get vaulted in favor of something Brand new.

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