Fortnite Doomsday Countdown Event Leak Shows How The Agency Will Be Destroyed

This week’s Fortnite Occasion was Postponed for Weekly, And the countdown, which was designed to tick down to zero next Saturday, this Saturday will probably do. While we just have a couple of in-game hints about what is going to occur, the spooling up and activation of a”Doomsday Device” in The Agency, today, we could observe a few of this wake thanks to data miners.

We are aware that the Doomsday Device has been placed somewhere within The Agency, and that I guess you can make some contract tracing with this cage to work out precisely where (Midas’s workplace, judging from the menus). I think it might wind up doing, although I’m somewhat surprised it explodes, I thought this device was mostly going to create some kind of hurricane that would drown the map. Midas, in their Cyclo lawsuit, should be excellent.

I do think this indicates the conclusion of the spy bases. The Rig is destroyed. Deadpool took over the Yacht. The Agency will be dismissed. And when there’s a flood, both The Grotto and The Shark should drown. I think I wouldn’t be surprised to see something in their location after this event has concluded once Season 3 arrives, and we’re going from those places.

As we have a whole six days before the countdown reaches zero, there can be more leaks to come. I would expect to determine some flooded zones that seem who knows, although whether that’s where we are going. Unless there is another delay as a reminder, the event will occur at two PM ET Saturday. And while it looks like The Agency is the place, expect to get blown the hell out of there after the Doomsday Device erupts. Guessing this is going to be a fairly scripted occasion, and Epic is going to most likely end up herding players precisely where they are”supposed” to proceed as it occurs.

Sooner or later, the match should place the Midas Cyclo epidermis available. I imagine he will be a key and we’ve not seen the final of Midas Figure at the”plotline” of Fortnite going forward for some time to come, Very similar to The Visitor was an existence in Chapter 1.

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